Harvey has an extensive history in juvenile justice and prevention services. He retired from the Franklin County Court of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Branch, Columbus, Ohio. His distinguished and diverse career spanned 30 years as a Program Administrator along with additional years as a Probation Officer and monitoring residential programs.

In addition, he administered several groundbreaking Court initiatives. He was Director of the Youth Leadership Program recognized by H.U.D. as the first Juvenile Court Program with an office in one of its residential communities. The program supervised all youth on probation and provided intervention services. Harvey was also Director of the New Direction Program one of the State of Ohio's four High-risk youth initiatives which were the State's first collaboration of a Juvenile Court, School district, churches, and private and government agencies. Prevention and support services were provided to residents in elementary school to college and the program was featured in Parade Magazine as one of the most innovated programs in the country. 

Harvey was also the Director of Habilitation Services which provided diversion and intervention programming that was age, crime, and gender-specific and provided parental support. Furthermore, he developed the Court's first programs for Firearm offenders and drug traffickers during the crack epidemic and worked extensively with gang members to reduce violence. There was also a program emphasis on cognitive restructuring and teaching how to control anger and resolve conflict and various other violence prevention techniques. All services incorporated models supported by The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency and the Developmental Asset model developed by the Search Institute. 

In addition, because of his expertise, Harvey for nearly four decades has also been a highly sought-after consultant and trainer for schools, courts, communities, churches, and agencies. 

He was a consultant and trainer for eight years for the Columbus Public Schools. Harvey also provided support for its Safe Schools-Healthy Students Initiative. The focus was to remove barriers to enable students to achieve academic success. 

Harvey is also a violence prevention trainer and motivational speaker.​ His knowing over 120 victims of homicide has motivated him assist young people to avoid violence and improve the quality of their lives.
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